Seo Dragneel
Race Human/Dragon
Birthday August 31
Age 20(suspended)
Gender Male
Height 6,4
Weight 170ibs
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation Fairy Tail
Occupation Dragon Warrior
Previous Occupation Mage
Team Fairy Tail
Previous Team Fairy Tail
Partner Natsu Dragneel
Previous Partner Mavis Vermillion
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Natsu Dragneel

Seo Dragneel(, Sei-o Doragoniru) is TOAA's main Fairy Tail rp character. Seo is the Uncle of Natsu Dragneel, was the first Dragon Slayer of flames, and is the former husband of Mavis Vermillion, the creator of Fairy Tail. He was the first one to be taught Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, having being trained under Galneryus, The Grandfather Dragon of Igneel. Seo is eternally youthful due to being immortal, but he no longer has a physical body due to being cursed by Zeref, and was known as the wicked Acnologia's one and only rival, aswell as the evil mages single greatest threat. As such, he was the only Mage in the entire world whom could stand on equal footing with Acnologia's evil dragonic power.

As such he posessess knowledge and the ability to cast and control magical powers considered lightyears above that of most other mages in the kingdom of Fiore and all throughout the world. He has received the will of the Dragneel family, meaning that he has not been taught magic to slay dragons, but he has been taught magic to protect them, aswell as keep the balance of the world. For this reason he is not called a "Dragon Slayer" but instead, he holds the title of "Dragon Warrior" which is his and his alone to keep unless it should be passed on to others whom have learned dragon magic as he has.




Magic And AbilitiesEdit

Seo is a primordial and Ancient Dragon Slaying Mage with tremendous strength and monstrous battle power. As such he has an "unrestricted" variant of power which makes him unimaginably more powerful than most other mages in the current world, due to how chaotic the times were that he lived in, he has amassed insane amounts of power and is extremely formidable even by the standards of somebody as powerful as The Black Mage Zeref or the infamous Acnologia. His magical power is also noted to be completely off the scale, to the point where he can cast and form magical abilities seemingly indefinately without exhausting his power supply. Because of his monolithical magical power, Seo's mere presence is noted to be monstrously overwhelming.

This has been shown to the point where he can involuntarily effect his surroundings to the point of destroying everything around him for miles to come, and can cause other, seemingly formidable mages such as Gildarts Clive and Mirajane Strauss to be knocked unconcious just by passing by them, their minds passing out under the sheer weight of his unimaginably massive Magical Power. He can also focus his Magical energy and unleash it in the form of a powerful shockwave, doing massive damage to all those around him, and even focus to control it, compressing it to form a kind of armor that protects him from incoming enemy attacks. Seo's magical energy takes on the form of flames in a blazing aura surrounding his body when manifested.

Physical AbilitiesEdit


Seo's Massive Magical Energy

As a legendary mage that went down in history in a fashion similar to the infamous Black Mage Zeref, of the Dragon of Apocalypse Acnologia, it isn't exactly a surprising fact that Seo is an astronomically powerful man, even by the standards of those as powerful as the Ten Wizard Saints, Seo has proven himself to be nothing less than a force to be reckoned with. Being physically stronger than most of the armies in the known world put together, there seems to be nobody known in the current world that is strong enough to challenge his supreme might, save for Zeref and Acnologia themselves. Seo posessess a tremendous amount of physical strength, with seemingly explosive force behind his physical attacks.

Throughout his lifetime he has undergone endless training, the likes of which would be considered lifethreatening, brutal, and barbaric by modern standards. He has constantly put his mind and body through hell so as to make himself as powerful as possible, in every aspect imaginable. By punching bags with spikes on them sharp enough to impale solid stones thrown at them, Seo fists and body have become harder than solid compressed diamond material. His punches are known to cause violent and powerful shockwaves when impacting with their targets, often reducing any person unfortunate to get hit by them to a bloody and mutilated mess of their former selves. He can lift, carry and throw weights far above that of most other hardened and powerful mages in existence.

Aswell as having monolithical strength, Seo also posessess the ability to move, think, and react at nearly imperceivable speeds, showing himself fast enough to move and slip by the senses of his opponents alltogether. His insane speed allows him to deceive, trick, and hit his opponents without them ever seeing his attacks coming, often not noticing they have been hit by him until after it has already happenned. His incredible movement speed also prompts most opponents that dare challenge him to be knocked out or disabled in the space of 5 or less seconds, that is if they are not defeated in a single, super fast blow alltogether. As mentioned above, Seo's body right down to the cells that compose it are ridiculously hard and difficult to bring damage to.

With a body more durable than diamond itself, Seo can effectively take on and shrug off casually full powered enemy attacks without ever sustaining the slightest physical or visible damage at all, attacks of which would easily reduce other mages of grand power to flaming smithereens of their former selves. Most attacks from enemies have shown to be completely beneath his notice alltogether, not even worth the effort of dodging due to the fact that they do not even have enough power to effect or damage him. Only the mightiest of spells and magical attacks such as the level of Zerefs and Acnologia's are worth noticing by Seo.

Fighting StyleEdit

Seo seems to be skilled in some form of advanced martial arts. Having being trained from the moment he could walk in the language of war it is safe to assume he obtained mastery over melee and hand to had combat at a young age. Seo is extremely skilled and threatening when it comes to close qaurters combat. Though preferring to utilize spells or finishing battles in an instant, Seo has shown himself to be an incredible powerful hand to hand combatant, even though the true extent of his abilities in this field have yet to be displayed as of yet. He is capable of attack, defending, parrying, striking, and throwing with great speed and force behind his attacks, the likes of which leave severe pain in those struck by his blows.

He is well-versed in all forms of combat, and can attack and do battle with his enemies from awkward and unusual standpoints the likes of which would make it completely impossible for others to fight in. He read into and see incoming enemy attacks before they even get thrown at him, knowing the behavior and easily seeing the patterns of his opponents. He also uses his tremendous physical speed to help him dodge incoming enemy attacks at seemingly point blank range. His upper body can harmlessly and easily sway out of the path of the punches and kicks of his enemies very easily.

Dragon Slayer MagicEdit

God Slayer power

Seo's Fire

Seo was the first Dragon Slayer of Fire in existence, and was taught his arts by Galneryus, the Legendary Fire Dragon and grandfather Dragon to Igneel. As the first, he also hides the title of the most powerful and successful Fire Dragon Slayer, though due to his nature, he has been given the title of "Dragon Warrior" even though his magic technically still is Dragon Slaying Magic. Seo has reached the absolute pinnacle of power in his or any other Dragon Slayer magic in existence, and is said to be on equal footing with the likes of Acnologia in spite of the differences in their bodies and physical appearances.

As the first Dragon Slayer of Fire, Seo has the ability to harness, control and generate flames. His fire has shown itself to be extaodinarily powerful, burning with a ridiculously high intensity, focus, and heat so great that the flames he generates are white hot. Seo's Fire was powerful enough that it easily knocked out several high level opponents just by being in their presence, while Seo himself was holding back the true heat of the flames. Seo can focus and release his white Dragon Flames in multiple different forms and effects, having mastery of the roar and claw techniques. He can also fire multiple different Dragon Slaying spells without ever calling their names, and still having them boast ridiculous power and potency.

His flames have the ability to compress and focus into multiple different constructs such as axes an blades that are so powerful they can vaporize anything they make contact with into oblivion. These weapons can tear apart solid concrete and even cut massive structures such as entire buildings clean in half. A unique factor about Seo is that he never calls the names of his Dragon Slayer Spells. This is because he has reached such a level of perfection in his magic that he no longer needs to verbally state the names of his spells for them to boast great power. By mixing his White Flames with his magical energy, Seo can unleash powerful shields and explosive waves of white fire that can surge over entire cities and obliterate them with ease.

Dragon ForceEdit

Being an ancient Dragon Slayer aswell as having a great understanding of the machinations in Dragon Slayer Magic and Magic alltogether, Seo has a level of understanding and skill which vastly surpasses that of most other Dragon Force users in existence. He has charted entirely new levels on the map of power that Dragon Force allows, and has obtained power far beyond the scope of other Dragon Slayers, which is only fitting given his status. After the death of Galneryus, he bathed in the dragons blood involuntarily, causing the beast to fuse with him. Dragon Force: Despite being an "Ancient Dragon Slayer" Seo has enough mastery of his Dragon Slayer magic to call upon the power of Dragon Force on a whim, similar to that of the Third Generation Dragon Slayers capabilities. However, Seo's Dragon Force is noted to increase his already immense capabilities far beyond that of most other Dragon Force users, literally multiplying all aspects of his power such as strength, speed, reaction time, agility, and durable by a tremendous amount of folds. By word of Mavis, Seo's Dragon Force ability is so immense in power that because of it, he was hinted to be capable of defeating both Acnologia and Black Mage Zeref at the exact same time should he engage in combat with them.