Monkey D. Luffy
Race Human
Birthday May 5th
Gender Male
Height 172 cm (5'7½")
Professional Status
Affiliation Straw Hat Pirates
Occupation Pirate
Team Straw Hat Pirates
Partner Roronoa Zoro
Personal Status
Monkey D. Luffy (モンキー・D・ルフィ Monkī D. Rufi) is a member and founder of the Straw Hat Pirates in hope of becoming the Pirate King by making it to Grand Line and to the One Piece. He journeys with his crew that he finds along his way, Roronoa Zoro, a swordsman, Nami, a thief an navigator, Usopp, Tony Tony Chopper, a doctor, Nico Robbin, a fighter, Franky, a warrior, and Brook, a musician.