Rainbo -member of Anime Arena
-Anime Arena Master

Welcome to Anime Arena! Glad you decided to join. This is your local Anime Arena Master Rainbo. Before we start with how you join. Let me tell you the History of Anime Arena.


One day...the popular, famous, anime realms grew so much power. Power from popularity. The power of these realms were giving off so much power, that later...this power took on a physical form. Forming another realm. A realm called Anime Arena. One Month Later more energy start coming from the realms creating a population of Anime Arena. These people were made from DNA of three different Anime Realms, being born in the realm of Anime Arena. The first person of Anime Arena was Rainbo. He named the realm Anime Arena (since it looked like one).

Creating Your CharacterEdit

When you're creating a character, you need a quick summary above it. Example:

  • John is a Samurai from Anime Arena.

Under the summary you will need a set of Level 2 Headers (Heading 2). You need:

  • Appearance: At least 3 sentences to describe your appearance.
  • Personality: At least 3 sentences to describe your personality.
  • Weapons: Any Weapons you have.


DNA is not heading. This is info on your DNA. Each one of your DNA's has it's own heading for it's attacks. Example:

  • Naruto: You would have a Level 2 Jutsu Heading.
  • Dragon Ball: Techniques
  • Bleach: Kido

You do not automatically start off with attacks. The fun part is, you get to visit other realms to learn ki, jutsu, kido, and etc.

That's pretty much the end of your character. Visit Example for more help.

Anime ArenaEdit

In Anime Arena. It is like an Arena. People fight in the Arena everyday to earn money and experience. With money you can buy more items, and with items you get stronger.


Gateways are the gateways to different Anime Realms. Don't get us wrong, there is freedom in Anime Arena. You don't always have to fight in the Arena. When you visit gateways you can go to different realms to do mission for money and get experience.


Money is what you use to spend for things.

  • 1 vs. 1
    • Winner: $350
    • Loser: $100 (unless forfeit, forfeit you get no money)
  • 2 vs. 2
    • Winner: $700
    • Loser: $200 (unless forfeit)
  • Free For All
    • Winner: $1000
    • Loser: None


Experience determines your skill and experience. Determining what kind of skilled jutsu/ki/techniques you can use. Determining what missions you can go on.