Race Human
Birthday February 27th
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5 foot- 11 inches
Weight 132 Lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Team Avatar
Team Avatar
Partner Allie Thomspon

Lesley Thompson

Base of Operations Anime Arena

Outskirts Of Republic City

Personal Status
Education Air Temple Monks

Kagome's Teachings

Experience None
Hanyo is the RP character of Maroyasha. He is 19 and can do many things. From Bloodbending to becoming a Full Demon. His Birthday is February 27th.


As a baby Hanyo wandered into the Avatar Gateway. He was lost, but soon he was found by an Air Monk, who raised him rom when he was a kid. One day, while in Republic City he met Kora. Kora and co. taught him all types of bending. Then, one night he ran into Aman, who tried to steal his bending. Instead Hanyo stole his technique and escaped. Soon after he was sucked into another dimension. He was sent into another dimension full of demons and witchcraft. While being attacked by a demon he was saved by Inuyasha and Kagome. Inuyasha taught him Iron Weaver Soul Stealer and Hanyo somehow made an exact copy of Tetsuiaga and went back to his dimension. Now, he lives on the outskirts of Anime Arena. Once in a while he fights with Kora and Co. to defend Republic City.


Hanyo is an outgoing, nice person. When fighting though, he gets mean and extremely deadly. A lot of people are scared to get in the ring with him. He is also smart, strategic, caring, and a lot more good stuff.


His head and arms look like in the pic for his infobox. He wears a red and grey t-shirt with a pair of blood drops on it. His pants are blue jeans with slight rips at the bottom. He wears black converse.


  • Inuyasha- Demon forms and Techniques
  • Avatar- Bending
  • Soul Eater- Mesiter Weapons


  • Me Vs. Erick Uchiha (Won)


  • Full Demon
  • Half Demon


  • BloodBending
  • WaterBending
  • EarthBending
  • MetalBending
  • FireBending
  • AirBending
  • Iron Weaver Soul Stealer


  • Tetsuiaga
  • Gundam Suit Z-6 Delta
  • Air Bender Staff
  • Death Note Book
  • Twin Soul Pistols-Thompson Sisters Clones Allie and Lesley
  • Hover Board
  • Money - 0
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