Race Human
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 1.76m
Professional Status
Affiliation High school, Middle School
Previous Affiliation Gang
Occupation Teacher
Previous Occupation Gang Member
Partner Ryuji Danma
Personal Status
Eikichi Onizuka is a perverted High School teacher. He has had a very though past, being brought down by all his teachers, and being in a gang. He now lives in the school that he works at, always making kids feel better, still being laid back, and he would always do anything to look up a girl's skirt.


Eikichi is very presumptuous and vulgar which often leads him into trouble. Although he is very hormonal when it comes to girls, he is still a virgin and seems to be unable to get a girlfriend. He likes sexy women to the point of even sexually tempting Nagisa Nagase, Ryuji's girlfriend, without caring that his friend was right behind him. He is often reffered to as a "pervert" and has a fetish with smelling young ladies fresh panties in their draw. Onizuka is also unashamed of the state of untidyness of his home and the fact that many porn magazines lie around his house.

Onizuka 1

Eikichi most of the time displays his childish behavior, what changes however is how he does that. After finding out that Fukuroda has a secret longing for the academy students he made him into one of his prank's main targets which consist hitting him with his specially developed.

Despite all this, Onizuka can be very serious when the moment asks for it; to solve problems he will surely take the most weird and unexpected (often the hardest) way, but also the most epic. Depending on your point of view he could be considered a fool or a genius. He will never stop to surprise the people around him with his behaviour, actions and decisions, except maybe for Ryuji who has known him for a very long time. Although the school's principal, Ryoko Sakurai, has a deep (almost blind) trust of him. As for being a teacher, Eikichi is definitely very eccentric, be it both: his methods of teaching or the way he dresses.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Onizuka 6

Onizuka is quite tall, has brown eyes, blonde-dyed hair, and pierced ears. Eikichi is a chain smoker, rarely seen without a cigarette in his mouth. Unlike in other anime where the outfit is kept the same, Onizuka's outfit constantly changes. He's well known for having a wide variety of costumes.

Eikichi is very athletic being able to do bench pressing 150kg (approx. 330 lbs). He has a second dan black belt and was a college karate champion. Also, he has stated a number of times that he follows a daily training routine which includes 500 push ups, 1000 pull ups and 2000 hindu squats.
Onizuka 4

Eikichi's abnormal strength is displayed various times throughout the manga; his fearsome power is used to solve many of his problems as well as his student's problems. Onizuka also has an extremely durable body; he survived multiple jumps off of the school rooftops in order to save students and another teacher. He is always seen travelling via his motorbike (a Kawasaki 1750 Road Star z II), sometimes carrying his students; remaining passionate for bikes since his experience as co-leader of his biker gang, the Oni-Baku.


  • Onizuka 10
    Pistol - A basic pistol that is nearly always loaded and can easily kill a person in few shots.