Erick is a Shinobi from AnimeArena. he is the Role-Playing character of SupremeLegacy.

Erick Uchiha
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Erick wielding his sword.
Race Human
Birthday September 7th
Age 8
Gender Male
Height 4"7
Weight 98 Lbs
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Occupation Academy Student
Previous Occupation None
Personal Status
Education Ninja Academy


As a kid Erick grew up training, he always fought and practiced his sword skills. He is 15 and is a B-Ranked Shinobi. Growing up was nothing for Erick but non-stop training..Learning new jutsu, Sword skills, and more. He had a small social life, and sti;; does now as he is currently at the ninja academy, non-stop training.


Erick is a fair-skinned ninja who has onyx eyes and black chin-length hair. His hair is spiky in the back with bangs that lengthen as he ages. As a young child, his bangs hung above his eyes. Erick is considered quite handsome as most girls near his age become very infatuated with him. He wears different outfits. at times so it is honestly very hard to explain how his clothes are.


Erick is very kind, and loves training. During fights he often goes to his Zampakto, but mostly uses his shurikans for defence. When bored he often begins to mope, as is almost a lot as his missions are boring. When angry he uses full power, other than that he is a normal guy while fighying.


  • Kunai
  • Shurikans
  • Unknown Zanpakuto