Race Shinigami
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Death Weapon Meister Academy
Occupation Headmaster of Death Weapon Master Academy
Partner Death Scythe
Base of Operations Death Room
Personal Status
Relatives Death the Kid
Shinigami(死神 Death God, referred to with the suffix -sama as a term of respect, and formerly known as "Death"(デス Desu) is the Shinigami himself (the Grim Reaper in Western legends). He is also called 'honorable father' (父上, chichiue) by his son, Death the Kid. Shinigami sealed the first Kishin Asura under Shibusen and rooted his own soul to Death City to keep him sealed, which is why he cannot leave Death City.

Appearance Edit

Lord Death seems to have the most eccentric appearance of all the Soul Eater characters. He is arguably one of the tallest characters. He also wears a black robe with many jagged edges which appears to house his arms and covers his entire body with his face being covered by a cartoonish skull mask. It has not been shown what he looks like without the mask on, but since his son appears as a human, Lord Death may also have a human appearance. This possibility is supported by Mosquito's comments in chapter 53 regarding the Lines of Sanzu. Lord Death's mask has broken on several occasions during his battles with Asura, however, rather than revealing his actual face, it merely appears that what is behind the mask is simply a continuation of his robe, showing nothing but continued blackness. His mask shape changes to convey his current mood, with the eye holes of his mask shifting to triangles so that the mask is reflecting an angry/serious skull face.

Lord Death's soul is large (it surrounds all of Death City) and pale yellow; with three prominent spikes, slightly off-center, closely resembling his current mask.

In the past, Lord Death wore a far more grim-looking skull mask, which he changed from this more frightful mask after the establishment of Death Weapon Miester Academy because it always scared the children. He also had black claws with his signature written on one and had a deep, menacing voice. He's also shown with skeleton hands when he was shown ripping makins's skin off.


In most cases, Lord Death comes off as a bit of a joker with a cheerful demeanor. He also prefers to be optimistic and treats every situation as such. He also has a great sense of humor.

He has a special move called a "Direct Noggin Shinigami Chop" (which is normally shown when Shinigami shows his large flat four-fingered hand appearing from his robe; often called Shinigami Chop for short). This move is normally administered on Spirit whenever Shinigami refuses to put up with the Death Scythe's antics when it comes to Maka or her progress. He has a habit of giving warnings to people about to be punished with it after the punishment was carried out. He also seems to take on a more playful attitude when talking with his son (he says the stripes in his son's hair are cute), but at the same time thinks he can be quite the handful and is glad that Patti and Liz look after him.

As the headmaster of Death Weapon Meister Academy, he is highly respected by teachers as well as students, not only because of his great power, but for his desire for peace in the world. It is for this reason, that Shibusen was created. Despite his past and his powerful position in the school, he tends to be kiddish and joyful as to not scare the children. In the past, Shinigami spoke in a deeper and far scarier tone and was far more violent than he is today. This can be seen when he was fighting Asura. Also, his new personality is the complete opposite of his own son.