Davy D. Jones
Race Human/Sea God
Birthday August 31
Age 12 - 16(Pre-Roger Pirates). 17 - 20(Prime/Roger Pirates). 28 - 37(Post Defection). 80 - 90(One Piece Era). 20(Restored Youth)
Gender Male
Height 6,4
Weight 170ibs
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Strawhat Pirates
Previous Affiliation Roger Pirates
Occupation Pirate
Previous Occupation Pirate
Team Strawhat Pirates
Previous Team Roger Pirates
Partner Monkey D. Luffy
Previous Partner Gol D. Roger
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Gol D. Roger. Portgas D. Ace. Portgas D. Rouge.

Davy D. Jones is TOAA's main One Piece character here on the Anime Roleplaying wiki. He is the elder brother of the late Gol D. Roger, the uncle of Portgas D. Ace, and The Brother in-law of Portgas D. Rouge, also technically being the uncle of Monkey D. Luffy. He is a former member of the Roger Pirates, and went down in history as a being a legendary as Roger himself. After the death of Roger, Davy erased all traces of his existance, so unlike his brother he went seldom spoken of after the fall of The Roger Pirates. There are very few people left in the world that actually have any information regarding Davy and his whereabouts.

Traces of Davy were first discovered in a Journal that was found by Luffy and The Straw Hat pirates. Though there were no useful logs, the book yielded a photo of Rayleigh, Roger, and Davy together, albeit Davy's portion of the picture was burnt away and torn out. Only high ranking individuals such as Borsalino, Garp, and others of high prominence in the world such as Monkey D. Dragon and Vivi Nefertari have any information left about Davies supposed existence. Davies era is over, and as such he does not appear as a prominent figure in the main storyline, fully believing his time and significance in the world to be done and forgotten with, which was part of the reason why he erased all traces of his history.

It has been stated by Rayleigh, a former crew member of the Roger Pirates, that Davy is the last person left living that knowns "The True Secret of The One Piece Treasure" which is an honor that was given to him by Roger himself, an honor which not even Rayleigh himself knew the truth about. It is later revealed that Davies most prominent times were during the Era of the Roger Pirates and the Pirate King Roger. As The Pirate Kings brother, Davy also held a great amount of power and influence in the world of pirates and the natural order of laws in the world alike. He has since disappeared into hiding. He is now regarded as a national treasure, with a tremendous bounty over his head, the likes of which exceed even that of Dragons.


After his initial mention, Davies physical appearance went completely unknown for a very long time. He was mostly depicted as a mere, tall, imposing sillhouette when spoking of by other characters in the series. It can be said that due to the ravages of age, Davy appears as old as Rayleigh due to the fact that they were roughly the same age as one another. It was later revealed when luffy finally managed to track down Davy, that he is an extremely tall aged man(though not quite as tall as Edward Newgate) with six scars on his face, three running over each of his eyes. He has shown to have extremely long hair and a three-segment beard growing out of his chin.



In spite of his infamy for loving battle and constantly throwing himself into conflicts, Davy is shown to be a soft spoken and coolheaded person in contrast to his brother. He is a very kind, wise, insightful and caring man, and for this reason he was looked up to by many members of the Roger pirates, including Rayleigh himself. Davy always had something good to say and he offerred grand advice to those in need of it, and for his ingenius battle strategies he did most of the thinking for the crew during complicated operations. He a simple and gentle man who wouldn't seem all to special at first glance. He actually rarely spoke, though on occassion that he did, he would lead many to listen to his grand words of wisdom.


Gol D. Roger: Davies "brother". Though it isn't known if they were actually ever related by blood or not, it has been made clear that Davy and Roger held a bond that transcended anything that blood ties could offer them. They were constantly with one another in mind body and soul. Each one complimented the other and susequently completed they. They both full acknowledged one another as the the others brother and took great pride in expressing that, having forged a bond together at a very young age. Davy held a grand respect for roger and vice versa, though they shared a healthy rivalry. As brothers, they were constantly in competition with one another, and as such they were always striving in new and unique ways to surpass eachother. They would have bouts of strength on occassion, but no matter how they tried, none of their battles had a clear victor in the end.


Like his brother, Davy was born in Loguetown to unknown and unnamed caretakers. He had been seemingly orphaned and was taken into a foster family of high expectations for him to be proper. Davy was an outcast, like Roger, and due to their similarities of commanding Haki and both being viewed in the eyes of their townsfolk as freaks, they became inseperable and forged a brotherly bond with one another. Davy and Roger had become best friends and although Roger was reprimanded for being a bad influence on Davy, he willingly thanks Roger for "Teaching him freedom" which is something he did not know prior to meeting Roger.


Flintlocks: In order to dispose of insignificant enemies that dared get in his way, Davy would carry around a pair of custom flintlock pistols. In spite of using more basic usage of them, he showed great skill in utilizing them effectively, above that of most other professional marskman in the world. He could fire and reload the weapons in staggeringly quick frames, and often performed trick shots and stunts so as to confuse and daze his enemies. He had immense skill in using them and could hit his targets square in the head from seemingly hundreds of meters away, and even go to the point where he could curve his bullets around corners and still hit his targets between their eyes. Davy still carries these weapons today.

Abilities And PowersEdit

Though they were viewed as "Absolute Equals" it is still heavily implied that Davy held the single greatest battle power of the Roger Pirates(a title which was later taken by rayleigh due to Davies defection). At the very least he held monstrous strength and battle power on the same level as Roger himself. He was physically strong enough in his prime to go head to head with a fully healthy Edward Newgate and come out of the battle unscathed. During the conflict the aftershocks of their blows trading were felt all over the world(this is not strictly because of the Gura Gura no Mi's effects). Though his abilities have deteriorated with age, Davy still shows a tremendous amount of power beyond that of most admiral level opponents easily.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Davy has monstrous strength and tremendous battle power. He has trained all his life and has undergone brutal, lifethreatening body tempering training so as to increase his power and extract as much strength as possible from his body. Even as a child Davy exhibited mind blowing strength, and was easily capable of slaying most titanic creatures of the sea and the land very easily. His strength is so great that he is seemingly capable of replicating the effects of the Gura Gura no mi on a smaller scale, and had so much power behind his attacks that he easily took on the full brunt of edward newgates punches, attacks which are said to be from the "strongest man in the entire world". In addittion, he could always go head to head with brother Roger without displaying effort.

Davy is capable of easily holding back the entire weight of a speeding ship crashing down on him, the likes of which held mass bigger and wider than the Moby Dick, a ship infamous for its tremendous size, doing so with a single finger in the process. With his leg strength he also kicked apart the gates of marineford wide open, doing so in a single, well precised and powerful kick. Meerly trading blows with Roger caused entire ranges of mountains to explode and be cut down to size due tot he force released by their attacks making contact with one another. With such a level of strength, Davy is capable of easily lifting and carrying massive weights beyond that of what even strong opponents would be capable of performing themselves.

Aswell as having monstrous physical strength and power, Davy has shown himself to be incredibly fast on his feet. Though the true extent of his speed has yet to be displayed, he has shown the ability to keep up with and fight on par with the attacks of Kizaru, all the while displaying no effort in the process. This shows that at the very least, Davy can perceive, react to, and evade at the speed of light itself, though his movement and attack speed is considerably less than that, even though it is still considered massive. Davy is so fast that his opponents do not even see him approaching them, and he can slip by the senses of those as powerful as admiral-level opponents alltogether. By moving swiftly he can replicate the effects of teleportation.

His natural physical speed alone is shown to forgo the need of a high speed teleportation technique alltogether, as his body seemingly displaces itself whenever he engages in acts of high speed, causing him to disappear from sight and sense alltogether. While fighting, he is so immensely fast that opponents do not even realize they have been hit until after they have already taken one of his blows and sustained deadly damage to their bodies. This also allows him the ability to dodge and evade seemingly point blank attacks from enemies, making him ridiculously difficult to land a hit on.

Davy has also proven his body to be intensely powerful, dense, and durable, in spite of its rather delicate appearance. He was capable of taking the full powered blows of a prime whitebeards Gura Gura no Mi enhanced punches without sustaining any visible damage aside from the slight reddenning of his skin, showing that he was barely irritated by the punches. From there, his durability has only increased, as shown when he was attacked on the archipelago by the entire marine forces, reducing the entire island to rubble, meanwhile Davy himself had not sustained the slightest damage in the process of bombardment.

Fighting StyleEdit

From a young age, Davy was trained in the ways of Rokushiki. He has mastered the six fighting forms and has come into grand fighting skill at a young age, something which was competely outside the knowledge of Roger for a very long time. In spite of mastering the Rokushiki, he did not display usage of the abilities. Instead, he had mastered them to such degree that he could use them all in conjunction with one another at the same time without having to switch out he styles repeatedly. Though preferring to resolve his conflicts quickly with words or avoid fights alltogether, Davy is shown to have tremendous fighting skill, which is completely above that of most other pirates to the point that he can end battles before they even begin.

In this right, most opponents that dare challenge him are often defeated before they can even realize what has happenned, as Davy is strong enough to defeat his opponents in a single move, if he does not defeat them within the space of a few seconds alltogether. Davy is revered to be an extremely fearsome and deadly man, whom towards the end of his prime was only contested by the likes of Whitebeard and his brother Roger. After his defection from the roger pirates he continued his docile nature regarding combat, instead having his underlings doing the dirtywork for him while he himself formulated plans and complex battle techniques so as to defeat his enemies with as little effort as possible.


Davy has mastery of the Santoryu to Kyutoryu swordsmanship forms thus giving him a vast variety of different blade attacks and techniques for him to utilize in battle. Similar to Dracule Mihawk, he can seemingly turn small knives into weapons of mass destruction. This is because he has been taught by the man whom also taught Mihawk the secrets of tremendously powerful swordsmanship, which is why mihawk could not shatter or cut through the plastic fork that Davy was wielding against him in their first confluct. Davy is skilled in many different swordsmanship forms including Iaido, and can wield a vast array of different weapons effectively.

Black Leg StyleEdit

In his training trip throughout the world prior to joining the Roger pirates, Davy also obtained the ability to use the Black Leg style of martial arts. This made him extremely flexible and made his legs a numerable amount of folds more powerful than his already incredible strong arms. He has mastered the Black Leg combat style to the point he can use Diable Jambe, setting his foot on fire without burning it. This thusly gives his attacks far greater power than what they had before and causes the force behind his attacks to explosive on combat. Unlike sanji, Davy has mastered the Black Leg style to the point where he can set both his legs on fire and double the power of his already immense Black Leg techniques.

Devil FruitsEdit

Being the "Devils Orchidist", Davy was raised to learn the ancient secret of planting and growing Tree's that bare Devil Fruits. He has been trained in this way since birth, and as such he has grown thousands of Devil Fruit Tree's in his lifetime and has consumed innumerable different Devil Fruits giving him an unimaginably huge different amount of skillsets and abilities. He has even consumed duplicates of Devil Fruits in order to multiply the power of his Devil Fruit abilities by the number of fruits he has consumed of that particular kind. Even today, Davy continues to consume devil fruit after devil fruit again, his mastery over forming and spawning Devil Fruit tree's also allowing him to feed the fruits to members of his crew.


Davy has a particularly tremendous amount of Haki. His Haki is so advanced that it has gotten to the point where he has reached a special "ascended" form of Haki which fuses all three haki into a single powerful force above and beyond what Haki could muster seperately. In this right, all of the perks of Haki are constantly active and ready to be focused and unleashed by Davy any time that he see's fit. His Haki is so massive that unlike others, his power manifests in the form of a visible energy aura which surroundings his body intensely, reminiscent of a flame enveloping his physical frame. He is capable of releasing his Haki in the form of a powerful explosion which destroys everything in his surroundings, or focus it into a powerful armor that protects him from enemy attack.

Davy can release his Haki in a variety of different and powerful fashions yet unseen by any other. By firing his haki out of his palms he can replicate the effects and attacks of pacifista lasers, causing immense explosive damage to his targets and hitting enemies for very far away. His haki blasts are powerful enough to take out entire fleets worth of enemies and their ships/armaments without so much as a single shot. By utilizing his Haki, Davy can also raise his strength, speed, senses, and defense by immense margins, giving him a nearly clairvoyant/psychic level of precognition which allows him to be constantly ahead of his enemies in battle. Davy can also release invisible haki waves allowing him to repulse enemies and objects away from him, which also inaverdantly allows him to dispel weaker incoming enemy attacks by using it.


Gear Second: The same as Luffy's. It speeds up his blood and body heat so he can move far faster than before. It also causes his hair to stand on end and a constant veil of pinkish red steam to pour from him, and aswell as this his skin is also turned to a pinkish red hue due to the high heat of his body. He can also use the jet versions of most of his attacks while in this state and move at far higher speeds than what he could normally be capable of.

Gear Third: The same as Luffy's. It allows him to vastly increase the size of his limbs augmenting them with explosive power and force behind them. Unlike Luffy he does not turn small or become weaker after engaging this gear due to the immense mastery that he has over it. Unlike Luffy however, Davy can cause his limbs to bloat to unusually massive sizes, to the point where he could pump up the volume of his fists so massive that it easily cast a shadow over the entire span of Marineford.

Gear Fourth: Davy surges air into his arms and his blood rushes faster than before. The oxygen in his blood surges into and mixes with the extra oxygen, causing his body to beef up immensely, thus making him several times taller than what he originally was. His shoulders become extremely broad and his muscles buff up to the point of bulging. His hair also stands out an on end in this form.

Gear Fifth: Davy condenses air into his muscles. This changes his body from its super beefy state back down to a peaked state of his base form. His musculature is still increased by a heavy level but he has now reached a peak human body. His body now becomes extremely dense and his natural physical strength is increased by massive folds. His blood also rushes even faster, so he his extremely lightweight and can speed around. The new rushing of minerals also gives him longer hair.

Gear Sixth: His body goes back to its base form causing him to appear slim and slender. However, Davy relaxes his muscles thus causing them to go crazy and shoot out in all directions in the form of extremely thin, sharp rubber whips. Even his hair faulicles do this, causing his strands of hear to become extremely deadly pins that can pierce into his enemies bodies and rip them apart. The rubber whips that shoot out of his body are extremely sharp and can slice apart the solid concrete in his surroundings with ease.

Gear Seventh: Similar to the previous Gear, Davy focuses to control every last cell that composes his body. This allows him to concentrate and administrate the tiniest details and nerves about his body, even his hair. In this form his muscles obtain extreme elasticity and stretch out while compressing into very tough constructs, little forming extremely strong cramps that do not hurt him. The craps extend out from key places on his body forming solid blades that can easily slice through solid stone.

Gear Eighth: Davy exhales, releasing ALL his oxygen from his body save for that which circulates through his lungs. This causes him to become extremely thin and he looses most of his musle mass, almost becoming skeletal in appearance. This form grants him astronomical speed and a lightweight body beyond that of anything he could muster in the previous forms. His hair is now extremely long and trails on the ground behind him as he moves. He can effectively control his speed and zip across entire oceans.

Gear Ninth: His blood rushes faster than it ever has before but also super heats, causing a tremendous amount of heat to be constantly emanating from his body surrounding his vicinity and preventing most enemies from even touching him due to how hot his body becomes. His also causes him to obtain a red tint like that of his gear second state. His body also beefs up to just beyond its peak human state, making him appear as a bodybuilder with musculature.

Gear Tenth: Davy must swallow iron. Any kind of iron, and once he has done this he can activate this Gear. He disitributes the iron material all throughout his body causing his muscles and bones to fuse with it and supercharge his body beyond all original power. This makes him become more solid and dense then he ever has previously, making him extremely strong physically, while beefing his body up to the point he returns to a giants level, standing head and shoulders way above his previous states except for gear fourth.

Gear Eleventh: Davies blood pumping speed gets sped up even greater upon entering this stage. His body gets superchaged to the point his physical electromagnetic field gets enhanced massively in power, causing his body to appear as a twitching, vibrating construct, while eletricity and a field of circular lightning are seemingly always coursing around him. This allows him to act as a lightning rod and he can control and use the repulsive and propulsive forces of magnets due to nearly become a living battery.

Gear Twelfth: This gear vastly increases the stretchiness capabilities of his rubber body, thus allowing him to warp and stretch any limb limitless distances without the danger of straining or tearing apart his body and limbs. This gear also makes his attacks more powerful and puts an intensely huger amount of range in all of davies default physical abilities, allowing him to combat foes from vast distances away.

Gear Thirteenth: It supercharges his body-based Haki, causing it to be unleashed all throughout his system. This causes him to become more muscular than before and taller by a significant amount. His entire body becomes pitch black showing that his skin muscles and bones have all been vulcanized due to his haki doing its job. His body reaches its toughest and most durable state and his stats for combat also ascend to their most powerful out of all the previous states.

Gear Fourteenth: His body ceases being vulcanized and goes back to its completely perfect peak human state giving him perfected musculature though not to the point of bulging like a body builders. His hair also elongates to the longest point it has evern become. His brain potential becomes unlocked and how now uses the full potential and power of his brain whereas others cannot. This makes him become insanely perceptive, smart, and intelligent, aswell as clear of mind. He can stretch the smallest parts of his body as he wishes, even his hair, and form any weapons out of his muscles such as axes, swords, and shields etc. He can also shoot out spikes from his body impaling any enemy that comes within range.


Behind The ScenesEdit