Race Human
Birthday August 31
Age ???
Gender Male
Height 6,8
Weight 200ibs
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation IGO
Previous Affiliation IGO
Occupation Bishokuya
Personal Status

Alga(藻, Aruga) is the son of Bishokuya God Acacia, and as such he holds the legendary title of Son of Acacia(アカシアの息子, Akashia no Musuko). He is a legendary figurehead in the both the human and the gourmet world, and is said to be the only person ever to surpass Acacia in human history, something befitting the son of Acacia. As the son of The Bishokuya God, Alga has tremendous power and skill considered lightyears above that of most others in existence. He is famous for mastering both the hunting and preparing of Gourmet Food, aswell as having second to none mastery over a tremendous amount of different skills and powers that help him prepare food.

Throughout his era he has made several revolutionary discoveries and inventions, the likes of which easily place him in the same league as his father. Alga is famous for discovering and preparing the ingredient called "UNIVERSE" which is a Gourmet food of tremendous power and flavour. It is derived from "GOD" which was the ingredient discovered by his father Acacia. Today, Alga resides somewhere in the Gourmet World, and he is always on the contant move. Nobody has seen him in many years and some have even been lead to believe that he has passed away in the Gourmet world.


Alga is ageless. He is suspended in a constant state of prime youth thanks to the alterations to his body, effectively making him immortal. He is designed to be a bishonen, semi-androgynous male character with long, wild and unkempt dark hair with one strand tied into a white streak on the side of his face. He posessess red eyes and is of an abnormally tall, lean, and overbearing stature, standing head and shoulders over most fully grown adults in the world save for the likes of Zebra. In terms of attire, Alga wheres a most dominantly white chefs outfit which is modified and stylized to be heroic and battle-orientated. He wears a cloth-like cape and mantle over his shoulders and a feather sash around his neck, also wearing a button-up chefs shirt and a pair of gloves that protect his food or that which he is handling from being damaged or dirtied.


Alga was born with many of his fathers qaulities. He lead and taught the adults around him, showing great wisdom and insight at a very young age. Because of his immense intellect he was branded a genius among geniuses by those whom taught him, and his gift has been nurtured to the point where he has grown immensely intelligent. He has great understanding of others and can look into and discern the intentions of others around him aswell as various different details about them, even if they are hiding their true nature from him. It is also nearly impossible to lie to him, as he has a level of understanding which is almost like clairvoyance or mind reading. Alga is a very honorable kind and appreciative person, taking after his father in those qaulities.


Early LifeEdit

Alga was born as the son of Acacia, but his mother was an unknown person. He exhibited a high intellect and understanding of his surroundings, and was branded a child genius, capable of speech and doing complicated things from a very young age. From that moment he could walk he was trained in the basic arts of being a Bishokuya aswell as a Chef by his father and Frohze. Thus caused him to amass more skill than most fully grown adults whom are experts in their profession at a very young age.


Houchou Sword: Alga carries around him an extremely fine and powerful one if a kind sword modeled after a Houchou Knife. this sword is long and thin and lacks a tsuba, giving it the appearance of a traditional Kusanagi sword. When not in used the sword goes sheathed at Alga's side. The Houchou Sword is one of melk the firsts greatest and most powerful creations and was said to be used by Frohze himself at one time. It has ridiculous cutting power and in the hands of Alga its already immense power is increased by incredible margins. The Houchou Sword is incredibly powerful and sharp, being a first generation Melk-sword, it has the ability to effortlessly sail through most matters in existence and unleash powerful waves that can slice through miles and miles of solid stone and steele. The Houchou sword is only drawn against enemies or beasts of extreme power, and as such weaker enemies do not even get to see the legendary blade in action.

Gigabase: The Gigabase is Alga's main abode. It is a monolithically massive flying fortress reminiscent of a seagoing battleship, armed with enormous firepower and durability. The Gigabase holds an entire cities worth of attractions for people to come and visit, and it also holds Alga's main restaraunt in the world. Only those of extremely high status are allowed to set foot on the Gigabase to experience Alga's incredible full course menu and other attractions it has to offer. The Gigabase is also used as Alga's home, and the vehicle he uses in order to travel around the world and into outerspace when looking for ingredients etc. The Gigabase is also transformable, and can enter its infamous "Battle mode" which transforms it into a gigantic, towering humanoid super robot which can be controlled by Alga himself from the main bridge located in his home.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Even at birth, his father knew that Alga would be the one to surpass him. Alga was born with an innate, natural awareness of "Food Honor" the likes of which granted him power far beyond that of those whom have devoted their entire lives to the practise. This granted him naturally immense power and massive skill as a Bishokuya, and a chef at the same time. Both Acacia and Frohze were astonished at how far his power had developed at an early age, showing feats of skill far beyond that of most other high level chefs and bishokuya in the world at that time. As his son, Alga has received training from Acacia and Frohze aswell as a vast, vast array of different and extraodinarily powerful chefs in the world affilated with Acacia. Alga has also advanced his body to the point where every last cell that composes his body has been transformed into a powerful Gourmet Cell.

Hunting MethodEdit

Alga has an amazing appreciation and awareness of the animals and ingredients that he is hunting. He exhibits no ill-will towards them. Due to his incredibly high Food Honor and awesome amount of appreciation, most ingredients regardless of capture level or difficulty to subjugate often submit to his will upon coming into his presence. He takes great care and a gentle approach towards taking down animals. He takes great pride in an almost priest-like fashion in "Leading animals towards heaven" as he believes the world is an impure and cruel place to animals, and by sending them to heaven he takes them out of their misery and into endless paradise. Because of this, most animals and ingredients sense this immense sorrow and sympathy emanating from Alga, and as such they often flock to him in order to be "saved" by him, knowing he understands their massive hardships and sorrows.

Physical ProwessEdit

In spite of his rather lean build in comparison to other, powerful Bishokuya and Chefs, Alga has proven himself to be deceptively mighty, having nothing short of herculean strength begind his attacks. In his introduction, he was shown effortlessly fighting on par with and holding back the physical strength of a monolithical Earth Bear, a Gourmet Beast whose body is larger than most continents in the human world. Not only did he defeat the beast, he did it in a single strike, showing that he has unbelievable amounts of striking power behind his attacks. His fists can generate powerful high magnitude earthquakes just by being thrown at or making contact with his enemies, and can destroy and effectively remodel hundreds of square kilometers of land in an instant. His fists have explosive force behind them and can blow away beings as strong as if not above the Four Beast in single movements on Alga's behalf.

Aswell as having strength which vastly outclasses that of all the explosive military power in the world, Alga has also proven himself to be amazingly fast. His lean and lightweight body is as weightless as a feather as it is powerful, allowing him to move so quickly that he commonly disappears from sight and sense alltogother. He has shown the ability to keep up with and see the incoming attacks of a Mother Snake from "miles away". He has the ability to maintain his tremendous movement speed, running days and nights on end without tiring himself out. He easily breaks the sound barrier and can move at mach speeds the likes of which are far above that of any roadgoing or aerial jet vehicle in the world. He is so fast that can create dozens upon dozens of solid afterimages so as to daze and confuse his opponents, and cause them to believe he has been hit by them when really all that has sustained the blow is the solid afterimage.

His immense speed also allows him to fight and think on a far greater level than most others, as he has effortlessly caught and sliced bullets clean in two as they have sailed towards him, and has casually moved out of the way of a point blank execution blast all the while displaying no effort at all. His physical attacks come in so fast that all of his movements are perceived as mere twitches, the space between attack and hitting his targets mostly invisible alltogether, and that is if his opponent is skilled enough to see his attacks at all. It also makes it extremely difficult for opponents to hit him, even at considerably close ranges he can effortlessly sway out of the path of his opponnents punches and kicks at hyper speeds, using his superior speed and agility.

Alga is no glass cannon, and is capable of taking on and resisting levels of force and energy outputs highly similar to what he can put out. With a body composed entirely out of gourmet cells, he is a deceptively durable person, and his skin, muscles, and bones are capable of withstanding full powered enemy attacks the likes of which would easily kill most other opponents. Alga's body is noted to be extremely dense and harder than diamond itself, and he can survive in the most intense of conditions such has extreme heat and cold. He is capable of shrugging off the full force of an attack as powerful as Zebra's Beat Punch without sustaining the slightest visible damage at all or displaying an discomfort in the process.


Having being trained by multiple powerful chefs with incredible knife and sword skill, aswell as having mastered food honor to a level far beyond that of most full time devotee's, Alga has obtained a ridiculously powerful form of swordsmanship skill. He views the blade as an extension of his own body and as such he can wield even the most common of blades in potentially deadly and lifethreatening fashions, as shown when he transformed a more or less blunt plastic knife into a massively destructive object. Alga has great understanding of the sword and has received training under Ryu, National Treasure Setsuno, Melk The First, and even God Chef Frohze Himself. He can perform complicated and deadly cuts with such finess and precision that he can strip the bones of their skin and muscle without his enemies dying, due to the fact they do not notice it until after it has happenned.

He most commonly demonstrates his swordsmanship skill when using his patented Houchou Sword weapon. With it, he has sliced down entire forests and eradicated massive mountain ranges in clean cuts. In single, powerful strokes he can remove parts of and prepare extremely difficult ingredients such as the puffer whale in the blink of an eye. By making use of his strength and understanding of the blade, he has shown the ability to cut and do damage to his enemies with such precision that they do not even feel pain, as the wounds he inflicts are so fine and precise they don't disturb the nervous systems of his enemies.


Deba Bouchou: A powerful technique which is similar to Toriko's Knife attack. Deba Bouchou releases a massive, powerful energy wave in the form of a crescent, or fang, which is reminiscent of the half moon in the night sky. It has incredible cutting power behind it and can be commanded to explode upon hitting its target by Alga. Deba Bouchou is so fast in movement speed that it was capable of forming a gargantuan slice in the earth before the enemy it was fired at ever perceived it coming in, albeit it was only a warning shot. Alga can release the attack in several different forms, either keeping it within his palm so as to increase the slice power of his melee attacks by tremendous margins, or releasing it in the form of a powerful ranged attack. Deba Bouchou's true power comes to the forefront when it is fired out of Alga's Houchou sword, where its slicing power, range, and all other aspects of its power are increased by tremendous margins.

Appetite EnergyEdit

Alga is capable of generating and releasing a tremendous amount of Apetite Energy. His energy is so powerful that it is noted to take the physical manifestation of a large, powerful and intense aura surrounding his body from head to toe, illuminating it. His appetite energy is so powerful that it easily outclassed the power generated by the four heavenly kings by astronomical amounts. Alga uses his immense Apetite energy as the main source for all his might. Using it, he can vastly increase his own natural abilities such as his striking power, defense, and his speed. He can focus to unleash his power in the form of a powerful explosion that destroys everything in his surroundings, or compress it into the form of a strong, invisible or visible armor that protects him from enemy attacks.



Behind The ScenesEdit